Since the approval and enactment of the General Environmental Law in 1998, our country was in dire need of running a laborious process of legislative alignment in areas related to the environment. Note that our Legislature recently by Law No. 8 of March 25, 2015, created the Ministry of Environment as the governing body of the State in the conservation and restoration of the environment as well as sustainable use of resources Natural nationwide.

Our firm provides advisory services and assistance:

  • Acquittal of consultations related to: environmental legislation and regulations, forestry law and its amendments.
  • Research at the Ministry of Environment and / or its regional offices on the legal basis (laws, decrees and resolutions) that regulate activities within river basins, as well as the creation of protected areas and their management plans.
  • Presentation and follow up with the Ministry of Environment and / or its regional offices: Environmental Impact Studies (EIS); Reports of Environmental Audits (compulsory and voluntary); Programs of Adaptation and Environmental Management (PAMA's).