Rivera, Bolivar y Castañedas is committed to provide our clients with an individualized and highly qualified service, always maintaining a personal relationship in order to understand their business and to direct our legal services to the their singular needs.

The diversity of companies we serve, which include, individuals and corporations, financial institutions, banks, companies operating in the Colon Free Zone, among others, has allowed us to obtain vast experience in a variety of areas of the law, enabling us to provide a wide range of legal services in areas such as corporate law, securities, taxation, intellectual property, maritime law, civil procedure, arbitration, among others.

The Firm dedicates a great part of its professional effort to the research of national and international legislation, jurisprudence and doctrine, in order to be up to date with changes in these matters around the world. This effort is materialized through our in-house and public seminars, as well as, in our electronic magazine “Legislación y Economía”.

On the other hand, we try to keep the highest quality and professional independence standards, which have allowed us, to be one of the leaders Firm in our area.